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Example 1

How To Browse On The Internet

Go to a cyber café or an internet café. Find a nice place and sit there comfortably. Then, turn on the computer carefully if it is off. Wait patiently until you see picture 1 on your screen. It may have a different form, but it is essentially the same.

Next, fill in that form accurately. Ask the attendant politely when you have trouble. After that, browse on the website. Find the information as you wish.

To end the operation, click the clock on the bottom right side of the screen. You’ll see picture 2 there, you’ll see a figure indicating the amount of money you must pay. Click ‘CONTINUE’ when you don’t want to end. Click ‘STOP’ when you want to end.

Pay at the cashier before you leave the internet café.

Answer these questions

1. Where can you browse on the internet?

2. Mention some steps to begin the activity!

3. How do you end the activity?

Example 2

How to use a camera


Firstly, open the lid on the back of the camera. Then insert a roll of film into the camera. (follow the direction on the box of the film). After that, close the lid, turn the knob until number 1 appears. And look through the viewfinder while tuning the lens until you can see the object clearly. Finally, push the button on the top of the camera to take pictures.

Answer these questions

1. What should you do when you want to put a roll of film into the camera?

2. What should you do when you want to see clearly trough the viewfinder?

3. What is the viewfinder for?

4. What should you push when you want to take picture?

5. What will happen if you forget to close the lid?

6. What will happen it you do not turn the knob?

Example 3

Text monologue procedure


What you need

§ An empty plastic bottle of mineral water.

§ A sharp cutter

§ A price of white or colorful paper

§ Some paint

§ Some glue

How to make it.

§ Make sure it is clean when you use it.

§ Cut the bottle into two halves.

§ Wrap the bottle with a piece of colored paper.

§ If you use plain paper. Use the paint to make a drawing on it

§ Now your pencil box is ready to use

I. Choose the right answer a, b, c or d

1. What do you need to make a pencil box?

a. Plastic glass of mineral water

b. Scissors

c. Cutter

d. Some oil

2. How many papers do you need?

a. Two pieces of paper

b. A pieces of paper

c. Some pieces of paper

d. Many pieces of paper

3. What is for?

a. To draw the bottle

b. To write the bottle

c. To decorate the bottle

d. To wrap the bottle

4. Why must you wash the plastic bottle?

a. In order to clean

b. In order to tidy

c. In order to good

d. In order to dirty

5. What is the paint for?

a. To paint on wall

b. To draw on paper

c. To paint on bottle

d. To draw on pencil

II. Please you complete the sentences below by using suitable word.

1. Now we are going to ……………. How to make a pencil box.

2. ………….. you have to prepare the things that you need.

3. they are an …………… plastic bottle of mineral water.

4. After that wash the plastic bottle to make sure it is ………..

5. ………….. the bottle with a piece of paper.

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